Check It: WSJ writes about family RV travel

This morning's Wall Street Journal Off-Duty section had a great article about a family RV trip and I just had to share. "Everyone in the RV, It's Road Trip Time: A modern brood sets off for three weeks of driving - from Laurel Canyon to Grand Canyon - in search of lost Americana and simpler times."

Written by Sara Ruffin Costello about her family's three-week circular trek through Southern California, Arizona, and Utah based out of Los Angeles, the article covers one of the few regions we didn't get to this summer, though Utah is definitely on our list for next year. (I am still working on getting all of our posts up - please enjoy this article in the meanwhile.)  The article covers a lot of territory. It is often hard to capture the little moments that make being with the family and exploring in the RV special, but the writer's wry comments are hilarious and right on.  She alludes to several situations that were perhaps not so fun at the time, but turned out to be all part of the adventure.

I have to say I was pretty creeped out when she described their rental RV as looking, "like it's been used as a mobile frat house." Yuck! They went directly to a fabric store and Ikea, basically re-covering every surface and completely outfitting the RV before heading off on their trip. Yikes! That's no way to start a vacation. I was also surprised by what she said she paid for the rental. It seemed shockingly low, redecorating costs aside. I went to the Cruise America website and tried to re-create her trip and I couldn't get a price anywhere close to what she listed, so I don't know what's up with that.  Renting a motorhome does incur some expenses, but having just returned from a 5,000 mile trip, I can tell you that there is nothing like the experience of driving from region to region, watching the landscape gradually change, building the anticipation of arrival at the site of a national treasure, or delighting in the discovery of a small town attraction.  This article covers a lot of locations that we did not, but it perfectly captures the feeling of family travel by RV.

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